Vince Fabri reminisces about his early
days in theatre with the hit series
AhníAhna Jew MíAhniex

by Ramona Depares

On Vince Fabri
by Nadine Brincat

Published on the
16 January 2003

Put your guitar where your mouth is,
Vince Fabri may not exactly be a new release,
but he's got the permanence
and solidity that boy bands and
Bond girls only dream of

by Stanley Borg

Words and Music: Vince Fabri

I know a saintly medium, with a blink of an eye,
he persuades my guardian angel, to guide me till I die. 

I consults my fortune-teller, to follow her advice
Iíll buy from her my future, so Iíll grow old and wise.

REF: Must I take a break, shall I awake?
For a miracle, in every step I make,
these dreams, I canít break, shall I awake?
For the magic touch in every breath I take 

Along my daily breakfast, Iíll check my zodiac sign
Iíll plan my day accordingly, my schedule Iíll define. 

And my amazing hypnotist, helps me to feel divine,
to previous lives I lived, he takes me back in time 

REF:  Must I take a breakÖ.

I struggle with my past lives, in future dreams of mine
I have no time to wake up, to meet the present time.

REF:  Must I take a breakÖ.